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5 reasons that make studying in the UAE the best experience ever

5 reasons that make studying in the UAE the best experience ever

The United Arab Emirates is a global hub of opportunities, growth, and success! Headquartered in the heart of this hub is Westford University College, delivering the best of international education locally.

Here’s why the UAE is the best place to live and study:

1. A global community – The UAE is a melting pot of culture; it epitomizes the best version of globalization. Westford embodies a similar culture, with more than 116 nationalities across all courses makes it a global community for students. David Isaac, an HND Student at Westford states that “Just like the UAE, Westford is also a melting pot of different cultures. It is truly a place where diverse cultures thrive. Westford enables us to learn from different people’s perspectives and ways of life.”

2. Affordability and accessibility – UAE prides itself in bringing the best of both worlds. Here, one can afford to experience luxury without breaking one’s bank. Westford provides some of the best and most affordable programs in the region. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the UK with easy payment plans are designed to make international degrees affordable and accessible. The learners can choose the mode of study based on their personal and professional circumstances. Westford offers classes onsite, online, in the evening, and on the weekends.

3. Advanced technology – UAE has embraced technological advancement more than any other country in the region. The learning experience is heightened through technology. Westford has proven its strength in online learning during the pandemic when classes were moved online seamlessly in a short duration. This seamless transition ensured that students continued with their education and did not have to experience any gaps in their learning. Jordon, an HND student shares his experience, “When onsite campuses had to shut down, at Westford we had a smooth transition. Though we missed our amazing campus life, with the support of the learning management system, the classes were equally engaging, interactive and our education could continue with no interruption”.

4. International collaboration – Some of the largest multinational organizations have their offices and presence in the UAE. Similarly, Westford through its outstanding collaborations provides students access to some of the best universities and awarding bodies. This enables students in the UAE to have bachelor’s, master’s, and professional degrees from prestigious universities such as Liverpool John Moores University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Canterbury Christ Church in the UK, UCAM in Spain, Pearson, SQA, CIQ and many more.

5. A community of learners and leaders – UAE is a long-standing community of learners and leaders; in just over 49 years this country has seen unprecedented growth and success. Westford resonates with that vision; it is determined to serve and enable lifelong learning to every student. Its portfolio covers all aspects of higher education – L3 Foundation programs, HND, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, Professional and Executive development programs. It is taking great strides to ensure that every learner becomes the leader the world needs today.

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