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British Army launches new counter-extremist force

LONDON: The British Army has announced a new elite fighting force capable of going into battle on four fronts.

It is expected to deploy across the Middle East to face threats from violent extremist organizations.

One of the new 1,200-strong Ranger regiment’s battalions will deploy to the Middle East, two will be sent to Africa, and the other will focus on emerging conflicts in Eastern Europe.

Brig. Gus Fair, the regiment’s commander, said the soldiers — selected for military skills and “emotional intelligence” — would be sent to forge relationships with local troops and fight threats of instability from terror groups.

“We are a force capable of operating with our partners, not just assisting and enabling them. We will be working and fighting on the most extreme edge of the front line,” he added.

“The Rangers will be sent to countries that are facing threats from violent extremist organizations. The emphasis is on bringing in military assets and experts which may not be otherwise available to that partner country.”

The Rangers will recruit troops trained in both intelligence and evidence gathering. It has been briefed that the Rangers’ missions will commence from 2022, with operations subject to parliamentary oversight, unlike Britain’s secretive special forces.

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