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Now lodge a complaint against a pivate hospital in UAE through e-complaint system

Dubai: In order to facilitate quick redressal of patient complaints in the private health-care sector, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap) introduced a new e-complaint system at the ongoing 40th Gitex Technology Week here. The E-complaint system is part of the Health Ministry’s strategy to streamline and upgrade the health-care sector with smart solutions and incorporate high-quality systems.

How it will work?

The E-complaint system will allow electronic transfer of medical records, files and related data, including test results, to the Health Ministry while maintaining complete confidentiality. It will enable patients in private health-care facilities to register their medical and administrative complaints seamlessly. Once a complaint is registered through the e-complaint system, a patient will be able to track the status of his or her complaint until the final outcome, which will be entered by a competent committee to which it will be referred to. It will link the new complaints system to the Medical Liability and Practise Control Committees, thereby improving the procedures for resolving complaints, with full access to data and information for more transparency and credibility.

Neutral Committee to look into e-complaints

Once the Health Ministry receives a complaint through the electronic system, a neutral committee called the Medical Liability Committee will be formed to investigate the particular issue and assess the medical procedure followed by the doctor. Based on its investigations, the committee will generate a report that will be submitted to the Medical Licensing Committee to take appropriate action as recommended by the Medial Liability Committee.

Hessa Mubarak, director of Health Empowerment and Compliance Department, explained: “The new system is an important asset to the existing procedures, as it eases the handling of complaints for all stakeholders and helps private medical facilities to achieve compliance. It allows all individuals, whether residents or visitors, to file a complaint against private health facilities, along with all the supporting evidence.”

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Health-care upgrade

Commenting on the innovative and smart solution, Dr Amin Hussein Al Amiri, the Assistant Undersecretary at the Health Ministry’s Public Health Policy and Licences Department, said: “Mohap’s new complaint system comes as part of its efforts to upgrade the quality of health system, innovate smart solutions, adhere to the implementation of quality systems to develop services and to actively take part in shaping public policies and strategies that bring joy to community members.”

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