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Taxi driver hurt in UK blast says it’s a miracle he’s alive

LONDON: A taxi driver injured when his passenger’s homemade bomb exploded in the northwest England city of Liverpool a week ago said Sunday that it’s a “miracle” he is alive.
In a message issued through the police, David Perry said he was “so thankful that no one else was injured in such an evil act.”
British police have called the Nov. 14 explosion a terrorist act and are trying to determine the motive of the bomber, Emad Al Swealmeen, who died in the blast outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Police say the device contained explosives and ball bearings and could have caused “significant injury or death” if it had gone off under different circumstances.
Investigators say Al Swealmeen, who was originally from Iraq and had applied unsuccessfully for asylum in Britain, appears to have acted alone.
Still, Britain’s official terrorism threat level was raised from substantial to severe — meaning an attack is highly likely — following the blast.
Perry managed to get out of the taxi before it was consumed by flames. He was treated for injuries in a hospital.
In his statement the driver said he was “overwhelmed” by the good wishes and generosity he had received after the attack.
“I now need time to try to come to terms with what’s happened and focus on my recovery both mentally and physically,” he said. “Please be kind, be vigilant and stay safe.”

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