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Highlights from Cairo’s Gypsum Gallery’s group exhibition ‘The Cheating Hand of Randomness’


The gallery says this show exhibits work “created at the juncture of chance and intentionality.” Photographer Cyrus Mahboubian’s miniature black-and-white polaroid composites were captured on his countryside walks, and juxtapose “fragments of standalone images to create gossamer, diptych worlds.”


Kuwaiti artist Tamara Al-Samerraei created a series of 10 new small-scale paintings for the exhibition — all of which present “alien landscapes” on scraps of canvas left over from her large-scale works. This experimenation, the gallery says in a press release, allowed “a more genuine, uninhibited process to emerge, unhampered by the artist’s expectations.”


Works by all three artists involved in the exhibition show large landscapes empty of humans, perhaps most strikingly in Egyptian artist Basim Magdy’s film set in a world where the force of gravity has multiplied, pulling everything down into the ground. The film is accompanied by a new painting inspired by an ill-fated excavation by a German paleontologist in Egypt in the early 20th century.

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